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11.10.2014  13 IGAC Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (Brazil)
27.02.2013  Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13
16.02.2013  19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols
04.12.2012  Cuba 2012 tests of ground-based generator
08.04.2012  International Symposium of Hail Defense 2012
10.11.2011  The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
23.11.2010  Ground based ice-forming aerosol generator
21.11.2010  Film:
"Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
03.10.2010  TV film:
"Heat. Made of hands."
16.05.2010  Studying an effect of salt powder seeding (article)
23.04.2010  Sky Clear 1: precipitation control
01.03.2010  Sky Clear 2: small distance rocket
21.02.2010  Sky Clear 3: ground generator
19.02.2010  Sky Clear 5 (CP): universal system for control precipitation
14.12.2009  Sky Clear 6 (AH): long distance rocket

19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, June 2013 24th to 28th, Colorado State University

Our work: Experimental Studies of Silver Iodide Pyrotechnic Aerosol Ice Forming Efficiency Dynamics. A.G.Shilin, A.S.Drofa, V.N.Ivanov, A.V.Savchenko, V.A.Shilin
19th International Conference - country comparison
articles 50   USA 3   Austria
50   Finland 3   Czech Republic
17   Germany 3   India
11   Ireland 2   Netherlands
11   Switzerland 2   South Korea
7   Russia 1   Bangladesh
6   Sweden 1   Australia
5   Japan 1   Argentina
5   Canada 1   Belarus
4   United Kingdom 1   Belgium
3   China 1   Saudi Arabia
Our work: Experimental Studies of Silver Iodide Pyrotechnic Aerosol Ice Forming Efficiency Dynamics. A.G.Shilin, A.S.Drofa, V.N.Ivanov, A.V.Savchenko, V.A.Shilin
 Sweden  Ivica Crljenica 1,5, Taina Yli-Juuti 2, Alessandro A. Zardini 3,6, Jan Julin 1,5, Merete Bilde 3, Ilona Riipinen 1,4,5
1 Stockholm University - 2 University of Helsinki - 3 University of Copenhagen - 4 Carnegie Mellon University - 5 Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research - 6 European Commission Joint Research Centre
Tropospheric & Stratospheric Aerosols Determining the saturation vapour pressures of keto-dicarboxylic acids in aqueous solutions
Ivica Crljenica
 Sweden  Jan Julin 1, Ilona Riipinen 1
1 Department of Applied Environmental Science and Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University
Tropospheric & Stratospheric Aerosols Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Mass Accommodation and Evaporation on Surfaces of Atmospheric Interest
Jan Julin
 Sweden  J. Savre 1, A.M.L. Ekman 2, G. Svensson 3, M. Tjernstrom 4
1 Stockholm University, 2 Stockholm University and ETH Zurich, 3 Stockholm University, 4 Stockholm University
Cloud Drop and Ice Nucleation Parameterizing ice nucleation ability of mineral dust particles in the deposition mode: numerical investigations using Large Eddy Simulation
Julien Savre
 Sweden  Matisans M., Tunved P., Hamburger T., Manninen H., Backman J., Rizzo L., Artaxo P., Riipinen I., Swietlicki E., Krejci R. and Kulmala M.
aDepartment of Applied Environmental science, Stockholm University, Stockholm, 10691, Sweden, bDepartment of Earth and Exact Sciences, Institute of Environmental, Chemical and Pharmaceutics Sciences, Federal University of So Paulo, So Paulo, Brazil, cDivision of Nuclear Physics, Dept. of Physics, Lund University, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden, dDepartment of Applied Physics, Institute of Physics, University of So Paulo, So Paulo, Brazil, eDivision of Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics, P.O.Box 64,
Aerosol-Climate Interactions New aerosol particle formation in Amazonia
Modris Matisans
 Sweden  Narges Rastak 1, Annica Ekman 2, Sanna Silvergren 4, Paul Zieger 3,Ulla Wideqvist 1,Jhan Strm 1, B. Svenningsson 4, Peter Tunved 1 and Ilona Riipinen 1
1 Stockholm University (ITM) - 2 Stockholm University (MISU) - 3 Switzerland,Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) - 4 Lund University
Aerosol-Climate Interactions Modeling Aerosol Water Uptake In The Arctic Based on The ?-Khler Theory
Narges Rastak
 Sweden  Radovan Krejci 1, Thomas Hamburger 2, Johan Strm 3, Peter Tunved 4, Tina Schmeissner 5, Modris Matisans 6, Silvia Calderon 7, Pedro Hoffman 8
1 Stockholm University & University of Helsinki - 2 Stockholm University - 3 Stockholm University - 4 Stockholm University - 5 Leibnitz Institute for Troposheric Research - 6 Stockholm University - 7 Universidad de Los Andes - 8 Universidad de Los Andes
Tropospheric & Stratospheric Aerosols Atmospheric aerosol variability and properties in lowermost tropical free troposphere
Radovan Krejci