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11.10.2014  13 IGAC Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (Brazil)
27.02.2013  Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13
16.02.2013  19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols
04.12.2012  Cuba 2012 tests of ground-based generator
08.04.2012  International Symposium of Hail Defense 2012
10.11.2011  The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
23.11.2010  Ground based ice-forming aerosol generator
21.11.2010  Film:
"Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
03.10.2010  TV film:
"Heat. Made of hands."
16.05.2010  Studying an effect of salt powder seeding (article)
23.04.2010  Sky Clear 1: precipitation control
01.03.2010  Sky Clear 2: small distance rocket
21.02.2010  Sky Clear 3: ground generator
19.02.2010  Sky Clear 5 (CP): universal system for control precipitation
14.12.2009  Sky Clear 6 (AH): long distance rocket
Ground technologies
Rocket technologies Aircraft technologies

Designed and passes environmental tests the new model ground-based aerosol generator to produce ice-forming and hygroscopic aerosols.

       Anti-hail works
       Control precipitation
       Increased visibility in a supercooled fog
       The possibility of integration into large networks, remote control      ► ► ► ►

Ground generator Generally this class of technologies can be effectively used in presence of a suitable relief and structure of air flows. For effective realization of influence reagent should be delivered directly under the basis of a cloud or at least in area of an ascending flow, that forms a cloud. The saturation of surface air with nucleuses of condensation (crystallization) undoubtedly is meaningful for stimulation of precipitation. However taking into consideration duration of lifting of nucleuses up to a level of a cloud and decrease of their concentration during lift, the influence is meaningful only on the large territories and with use of multiple generators (for example in the anti-hail projects of France and Spain on the areas more than 55 000 kms 2 involved about 700 ground generators).

For rather local influences the most effect reaches when generators are disposed on prevailing eminences or at least when some ejection of aerosol above the surface is arranged.

The company develops a number of modeling installations for realization of influence from the surface of the ground. However parameters of installations (jet systems, generators of vortical rings, pyrotechnic generators of various types) should be adhered to a direct situation of realization of influence. Below some photos of various modeling generators developed by our company are submitted.

The pyrotechnic generator of crystallization aerosols The ground generator of hygroscopic aerosols. Model. The liquid generator of hygroscopic aerosols. Model.