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11.10.2014  13 IGAC Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (Brazil)
27.02.2013  Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13
16.02.2013  19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols
04.12.2012  Cuba 2012 tests of ground-based generator
08.04.2012  International Symposium of Hail Defense 2012
10.11.2011  The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
23.11.2010  Ground based ice-forming aerosol generator
21.11.2010  Film:
"Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
03.10.2010  TV film:
"Heat. Made of hands."
16.05.2010  Studying an effect of salt powder seeding (article)
23.04.2010  Sky Clear 1: precipitation control
01.03.2010  Sky Clear 2: small distance rocket
21.02.2010  Sky Clear 3: ground generator
19.02.2010  Sky Clear 5 (CP): universal system for control precipitation
14.12.2009  Sky Clear 6 (AH): long distance rocket
Aircraft technologies
Rocket technologies Ground generators

The regulation of precipitation by means of aircraft Regulation of precipitation by means of influence from a board of the aircraft can be achieved by way of:

Usage of crystallization reagents (aircraft during its flight through a top bound of a cloud accomplishes an influence by using onboard aerosol generators or shooting out pyrocartridges). This technic can be applied only for overcooled and cold clouds.

Usage of hygroscopic reagents (aircraft during its flight through a bottom bound of a cloud accomplishes an influence by using onboard generators of hygroscopic aerosols or dumping a ready-made hygroscopic powder with help of special dump system). This technic is not limited by the temperature of clouds.

Usage of mixed reagent with crystallization - hygroscopic effect. It can be realized in the same way as for hygroscopic reagents (flight under a cloud). Since the crystallization reagent is effective only at negative temperatures, use of this variant is meaningful only for overcooled and cold clouds.

Advantages of this method consist in greater universality of realization of influence and in absence of binding to areas of rocket launching. Main disadvantage is necessity of availability of equipped aircraft. Also to perform an influence with help of hygroscopic reagent, airplane should fly through a bottom bound of a cloud, and that is not always possible. Nevertheless at present aircraft way of influence is the most popular techic, and it widely uses in USA (east coast, project "SCUD", northwest coast project "AN", above the Caribbean sea, "Stormfury", Florida, "FACE-1" and "FACE-2", Northern Dacota, "NDPP", Southern Dacota, "Claud Catcher", Texas, Arizona), Cuba, Thailand, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia etc.

For performance of works from a board of an aircraft our company offers following product:
  Sky Clear-1000 Sky Clear-500/1000 pyrotechnic generator Sky Clear-500/1000 pyrotechnic generator
Calibre, mm 55
Weight, kg 1.500
Weight of a reagent, kg 1.000
Reagent type KCl/NaCl

Studying the processes of pyrotechnic formation of hygroscopic aerosol during more than 10-year period, we developed compositions and generators, the forming considerably larger fractions of aerosols, in comparison with those traditionally using. Our generators have the following differences:

  • Because we use the liquid polybutadiene rubber as a component of pyrotechnic mixture, the process of production considerably simplified. There is no need to use the press equipment and the production process isn't associated with risk of explosion. In most simple case generator may be produced without any equipment.
  • Products are much more stable during storage and use, for example is completely absent the threat of detonation in the moment of application, which may take place in traditionally prodused generators.
  • Due to the decrease of the condensation zone, the spectrums of aerosol are contained by much more large particles, mainly workings as condensation nucleus.
The combustion process and the spectrum of aerosol Sky Clear

The difference in the compositions of pyrotechnic mixture and areas of condensation leads to a significant increase quantity of particles in the size range of 3-10 microns.

The presence of large particles does possible application of means Sky Clear for the clouds in the more wide range of the conditions.

As follows from the models, the use of new pyrotechnic compositions and generators lead to multiplied by the amount of precipitations more than 3 times (in average case).

The combustion process and the spectrum of aerosol traditional hygroscopic flares. Method of cloud seeding. October 25, 1994

The results of calculations of maximum precipitation intensity I (mm/h), total rainfall S (mm) and height of the zone of accumulation of precipitation H (km) under the action of hygroscopic particles on cloud capacity H (km) at V = 4 m/s.

Parameters of cloud H=3.3 H=3.5 H=3.9 H=4.1
W=2.9 r=8.8 W =3.0 r =8.9 W =3.3 r =9.3 W =3.4 r =9.5
Enter particle I S H I S H I S H I S H
Without particles - - - 0.82 0.40 <1.2 6.09 2.68 2.2 11.5 4.05 3.2
r0=0.5  (D0=1.0) N0=300 - - - 0.96 0.42 <1.5 6.68 2.68 2.2 12.3 4.54 3.2
r0=1.0  (D0=2.0) N0=200 3.7 0.78 <2.7 10.2 2.02 3.4 56.5 8.9 3.6 74.5 11.9 3.6
r0=1.5  (D0=3.0) N0=130 32.0 4.05 3.2 56.5 6.85 3.3 92.1 11.4 3.5 91.0 12.3 3.5
Notes. Wm, and rm - maximum values of water content (g/m3) and average-cube radius of cloud drops (micron) in the formation of clouds, r0 and N0 - average-cube radius (m) and concentration (sm-3) introduced particles. Write "<0.6" means that the droplets of rain are formed at levels less than 0.6 km without the formation of the maximum water content of precipitation in the zone of accumulation.

Test of a product "Sky Clear 1000" on the test bench in Bulgaria Research of a tablet of pyrotechnic mixture in the Large Aerosol Chamber (Russia) Modeling of cloudy environment. The Large Aerosol Chamber SPA a Typhoon, Russia

Simultaneously with development of the pyrotechnic generators company develops experimental systems for dumping of ready-made reagent powder from a board of an aircraft.