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11.10.2014  13 IGAC Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (Brazil)
27.02.2013  Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13
16.02.2013  19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols
04.12.2012  Cuba 2012 tests of ground-based generator
08.04.2012  International Symposium of Hail Defense 2012
10.11.2011  The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
23.11.2010  Ground based ice-forming aerosol generator
21.11.2010  Film:
"Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
03.10.2010  TV film:
"Heat. Made of hands."
16.05.2010  Studying an effect of salt powder seeding (article)
23.04.2010  Sky Clear 1: precipitation control
01.03.2010  Sky Clear 2: small distance rocket
21.02.2010  Sky Clear 3: ground generator
19.02.2010  Sky Clear 5 (CP): universal system for control precipitation
14.12.2009  Sky Clear 6 (AH): long distance rocket
Film: "Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
Site developers and technology participated in the filming Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis
The film demostrated on channel REN in 18 November 2010. Previous film: "Heat. Made of hands"
You can watch a movie on the links
Information about the film:
Title: Fiction under the secrecy: "Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
Genre: Documentary
Director: Alexander Miloslavov
Length: 00:47:00
We live in a period of significant climate change. Sahara, 2000 years ago this place looked different. The area of of rivers and lakes provided the Ancient Rome cereals and wine. Syrian desert was produced timber for Egypt. Today it is dead land. It is terrible to imagine, but by the end of the 21 st century might look like the part of Russia.

According to the UN in the world today is suffering from drought more than a billion people. Every hour desert robs people 20 kilometers of arable land. According to forecasts by the year 2025 will not be enough water for three billion inhabitants of the land, and by the end of 21 century humanity is almost will not remain fertile soil.