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11.10.2014  13 IGAC Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (Brazil)
27.02.2013  Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13
16.02.2013  19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols
04.12.2012  Cuba 2012 tests of ground-based generator
08.04.2012  International Symposium of Hail Defense 2012
10.11.2011  The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
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23.04.2010  Sky Clear 1: precipitation control
01.03.2010  Sky Clear 2: small distance rocket
21.02.2010  Sky Clear 3: ground generator
19.02.2010  Sky Clear 5 (CP): universal system for control precipitation
14.12.2009  Sky Clear 6 (AH): long distance rocket
Aircraft anti-hail technologies
Rocket technologies Ground generators

In cases, when use of rockets for control over hail processes is impossible (absence of infrastructure for work with rockets, prohibition of rockets launching) second by efficiency method of influence can be applied, which is usage of anti-hail equipment from a board of the airplane. There are three types of such equipment:

  1. pyrotechnic generators located on board of the airplane, which produce an aerosol during the flight near the hail-dangerous clouds.
  2. cartridges, which could be shot off from the airplane and then fly through a cloud
  3. jet cartridges, which could be shot off from the airplane with opportunity of hitting directly into a hail-dangerous cell
At present moment company produces first two types of means of influence and has begun development of jet cartridges. Last variant appears to be especially perspective, because it allows to bring aerosol into an area most favorable for influence and simultaneously to use jet means with the lowered amount of silver compounds, since an activity of ice-nucleation pyrotechnic composition increases during its burning under high pressure.

Characteristics of anti-hail means produced by the company are given below.

  Sky Clear-30, Bulgaria Sky Clear-150, Bulgaria   Sky Clear-150 XP, Bulgaria
Calibre, mm 21 21 50
Length, mm 127 460 200
Weight, kg 0.055 0.300 0.450
Reagent weight, kg 0.020 0.150 0.300
Time burning, sec 40 300 180
AgJ % 12,5 % 12,5 % 5 %
Activity per gramm At -3ºС 1.05E+11 1.05E+11 9.1E+10
At -6ºC 5.0E+12 5.0E+12 3.0E+12
At -10ºС 3.0E+13 3.0E+13 2.0E+13
Common ice-nucleation activity At -3ºС 2.1E+12 1.6E+13 2.7E+13
At -6ºС 1.0E+14 7.5E+14 9.0E+14
At -10ºС 6.0E+14 4.5E+15 6.0E+15
  Test sample means, working under pressure
Sky Clear-30 test cartridge Sky Clear-30 test cartridge Sky Clear-150 stand test
Sky Clear-150 stand bench    
Rosen in the ashes: approach finder.