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11.10.2014  13 IGAC Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (Brazil)
27.02.2013  Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13
16.02.2013  19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols
04.12.2012  Cuba 2012 tests of ground-based generator
08.04.2012  International Symposium of Hail Defense 2012
10.11.2011  The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
23.11.2010  Ground based ice-forming aerosol generator
21.11.2010  Film:
"Hour "X". Avoid apokallipsis"
03.10.2010  TV film:
"Heat. Made of hands."
16.05.2010  Studying an effect of salt powder seeding (article)
23.04.2010  Sky Clear 1: precipitation control
01.03.2010  Sky Clear 2: small distance rocket
21.02.2010  Sky Clear 3: ground generator
19.02.2010  Sky Clear 5 (CP): universal system for control precipitation
14.12.2009  Sky Clear 6 (AH): long distance rocket
The 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification Bali, Indonesia 4-10 October 2011
 -  10
  • China 40
  • Russia 10
  • U.S. 9
  • Indonesia 8
  • India 3
  • Iran 3
  • Macedonia 3
  • Uzbekistan 3
  • Australia 2
  • Israel 2
  • Serbia 2
  • Canada 2
  • Thailand 2
  • Vietnam 1
  • Greece 1
  • Cuba 1
  • Senegal 1
  • Malaysia 1
  • Morocco 1
  • Pakistan 1
  • France 1
  • South Africa 1
  • Japan 1
Shilin, Rosenfeld and colleagues from Indonesia Indonesia, Bali - start of conference Our colleagues in Indonesia. They make the weather. Before enter of the hotel. Alexei Shilin Aleksey Shilin, Alexander Drofa. Bali Conference Aleksey Shilin, when the island rain A colleague from Indonesia. Alexey Shilin. We are doing the weather. Bali coast. Bathing is impossible. Shilin, flying over the Atlantic. Alexei Shilin. This is fed in Indonesia. School of dances on the beach. A day in the tropics. Alexey Shilin. Flowers Indonesia. Bali Conference.
Conference program:
  • G. Vali: The race for ice
  • R. List: Invigorating and elevating weather modification
  • Z. Levin: Lessons learned from 50 years of cloud seeding in Israel
  • Ma XinCheng, Huang MengYu, Jin Hua, Zhang Lei, Zhang Qiang: Aircraft Measurements of Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation Over Beijing
  • Daniel Martínez, Carlos A. Pérez, Guillermo Puente, Félix Gamboa, Sadiel Novo, Ibis Rivero, Graciela Angulo, Ismael Pomares, Alexei Gamboa, Elsa Velazco, Michel Rodríguez and Ernesto Chang: Artificial rainfall enhancement program in Cuba by convective cloud seeding. Achievements and shortcomings in the period 2005 - 2010.
  • Masataka Murakami and JCSEPA research group: Japanese Cloud Seeding Experiments for Precipitation Augmentation (JCSEPA) New Approaches and Some Results from Wintertime and Summertime Weather Modification Programs
  • P. A. Nesmeyanov, V. P. Korneev, M. S. Reznikov, V. N. Yemelyanov and V. O. Sapozhnikov: Russian Technology for Regulation of the Processes of Atmospheric Precipitation Formation, Prevention of Formation and Fall of Hailstones and Fogs Dispersion
  • Thara V. Prabha, A. Khain, R. S. Maheshkumar, G. Pandithurai, J. R. Kulkarni, and B. N. Goswami: Microphysical signatures of aerosolcloud interaction in the monsoon environment during CAIPEEX
  • Jiangping Pu, Wenhua Zeng, Zhanyu Yao, Wei Zhang and Yongyi Li: Compared Radar Reflectivity with Heavy Rain Droplet Size Distribution
  • Findy Renggono, Erwin Mulyana, Tri Handoko Seto, Budi Harsoyo, Djazim Syaifullah: Lake and Land Breezes on Lake Towuti and Their Effect on Convection in Larona Catchment Area, Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Abdoulaye Sarr: New Development in the Senegalese Rain Enhancement Program BAWAAN: Investigating key components in support to operations.
  • Tri Handoko Seto, Samsul Bahri, Halda Aditya, Moch. Muchlis, Mahally Kudsy, Moh. Husni, Yusef Tiansyah, Rino B. Yahya, Heru Widodo, Mimin Karmini and Andi Suntoro: Weather Modification Program using Flare Technique at South Sulawesi,Indonesia A Technology Transfer
  • Lijuan Su, Dabuxilatu, Shiqing Lu, Xiaodong Deng and Bing Yan: A Study of the Characteristics of Atmospheric Water Vapor and Its Relationship with Precipitation Using GPS Data
  • Hongping Sun, Peiren Li and Shiming Yan: A Study of Microphysical Characteristics and Seedability of Cold Stratiform Clouds in North China
  • Sarah A. Tessendorf, Courtney E. Weeks, Roelof T. Bruintjes and Duncan Axisa: Cloud base aerosol characteristics and implications for microphysics from the Queensland Cloud Seeding Research Program
  • Xilatu Dabu, Shiqing Lu, Lijuan Su, Chengcai Li and Bin Yan: Monitoring Atmospheric Precipitable Water Using MODIS Satellite
  • Xueliang Guo and Danhong Fu: Effects of GiantParticle Seeding on Cloud Microphysics and Precipitation Derived from Mesoscale Cloudresolving Numerical Simulation
  • A.S. Drofa, V.G. Erankov, V.N. Ivanov, A.G. Shilin, G.F. Yaskevich: Experimental studies of salt powder efficiency at convective cloud modification for precipitation enhancement
  • U. Haryanto, R. D. Goenawan and D. Harsanti: The Development of Hygroscopic Cloud Seeding Flare In Indonesia: Evaluation and Measurement of Distribution Particles
  • B.P. Koloskov, V.P. Korneev, G.P. Beryulev, B.G. Danelyan, V.N. Stasenko: Twentyfive years of cloud seeding activity to modify weather conditions in cities
  • J. R. Kulkarni, R. S. Maheshkumar, S. B. Morwal, B. Padma Kumari, Mahen Konwar, C. G. Deshpande, R. R. Joshi, R. V. Bhalwankar, G. Pandithurai, P.D. Safai, S. G. Narkhedkar, K. K. Dani, A. Nath, Sathy Nair., V. V. Sapre, P. V. Puranik, S. Kandalgaonkar, V. R. Mujumdar, R. M. Khaladkar, R. Vijayakumar, V. P. Thara and B. N. Goswami: Overview of CAIPEEX Cloudaerosol interaction experiment over Indian region
  • Lei Ji, Jianli Ma, Hongyu Li, Wei Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Jianzhong Liu: Analysis of Radar and Airborne Data for Artificial Seeding Effects
  • Andre A. Sinkevich, Terrence W. Krauss and Ayman S. Ghulam: Radar Investigation of AgI Seeding Efficiency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Samsul Bahri, Halda Aditya, F. Heru Widodo, Tri Handoko Seto: Weather Modification Activities in Indonesia
  • Terrence W. Krauss, Duncan Axisa, and Roelof Burger: Observations of Hygroscopic Flare Particles at Various Relative Humidity
  • Jun Zhou, Hengchi Lei, Hongbin Chen, Yanfei Wang, Zhen Zhao and Lei Ji: Retrieval of Cloud Liquid Water Content Distribution at Vertical Section for Microwave Radiometer Using 2D Tomography
  • Duncan Axisa, Lulin Xue, Roelof Burger, Don Collins, Evelyn Freney, Paul Kucera, Roelof Bruintjes and Peter Buseck: Evolution of boundary layer thermodynamics, aerosol and cloud microphysics during the weather modification assesment program in the southwest region of Saudi Arabia
  • Hayat Khan Azmat: Qualitative Assessment of the Effectiveness of Summertime Cloud Seeding Experiments in Southeastern Sindh Pakistan
  • Siriluk Chumchean and Walairat Bunthai: Testing Efficacy of Rainmaking Activities in the Northeast of Thailand
  • Ying Duan, Jing Duan, Liling Ju: The Study of Distribution Character on Aerosols, Cloud Droplet and CCN over North China Useing Aircraft Observational Data
  • Jianli Ma: Xband dual linear polarimetric radar wave attenuation impact on hail identification
  • Yanwei Li and Niu Shengjie: Initial part discussion of cloud merger Guangxue Chen, Jinglin Han, Yu LI Dansong Chen, Zheng Wang: Rocket Technology for Weather Modification
  • Bart Geerts, Qun Miao, Dan Breed, Roy Rasmussen: Airborne radar and lidar studies of groundbased glaciogenic seeding of orographic clouds: preliminary findings and upcoming field campaign plans in Wyoming
  • Mahally Kudsy, Ridwan, Findy Renggono and Faisal Sunarto: The Use of WRF Model To Support Cloud Seeding Operation: A Study in the Citarum Catchments Area
  • Rabia Merrouchi, Abdalah Mokssit, Jacques Piazzola and Mohamed Chagdali: Impact of natural production of coastal marine aerosols on convective clouds as simulated using cloud model with detailed microphysics: Comparison to cloud seeding with hygroscopic flares
  • Peiren Li, Junxia Li, Lijun Jin, Dongdong Shen and Gang Ren: A Numerical Study of Macro and Micro Structures of Stratus Precipitation Cloud in Spring of Shanxi Province
  • Yueqin Shi: Numerical Seeding Experiments on Stratiform Clouds in Spring in North China
  • Vlado Spiridonov, Zoran Dimitrovski and Mladjen Curic: Strategy of seeding using the results of a modelled hailstorm splitting
  • Yue Tao,Shi YueQin and Liu WeiGuo: Characteristics of Stratification Structure and Cloud physics of the Freezing Rain over Southern China in January 2008
  • Yilin Wang and Zhanyu Yao: The improvement of cannon precipitation enhancement operations
  • Zhanshan Ma and Qijun Liu: Comparisons of Cloud Microphysical Characters between Mesoscale Model for Artificial Precipitation Enhancement and Satellite Observations
  • Daniel Breed, Lulin Xue and Roy Rasmussen: Numerical modelling studies in support of the Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program
  • Joseph H. Golden, Daniel Rosenfeld, William R. Cotton, William L. Woodley, Isaac Ginis, Alexander Khain: Assessing A New Approach to Tropical Cyclone Modification by Hygroscopic Smoke
  • Xiaomin Chen: Numerical Simulation Studies with New Doublemoment Explicit Microphysical Scheme in GRAPES
  • B. Sh. Kadyrov and V.P. Kurbatkin: Methods of modelling in controlling the processes in clouds
  • Theodore Karacostas, Vlado Spiridonov, Dimitrios Bampzelis and Ioannis Pytharoulis: A threedimensional numerical simulation of supercell hailstorm seeding over Greece using a cloud model
  • Vlado Spiridonov and Mladjen Curic: Modeling of rainfall enhancement by seeding tropical convective clouds
  • Kien Truong Ba: Study, choose microphics and cumulus convection schemes in WRF Model to forecast heavy rain in Vietnam
  • Steven T. Siems and Michael J. Manton: Recent Progress in Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding over Southeast Australia and Tasmania
  • Sohaila Javanmard, Mahla Karimpirhayati, Javad BodaghJamali, Yusefali Abedini: Application of numerical cloud model in hail suppression of cold clouds
  • Xiaofeng Lou, Guanfang He, Zhijin Hu, Xing Zhang: Development of saltseeding scheme in 3D convective cloud model and seeding simulations
  • XiaoLi Liu and ShengJie Niu: Numerical simulation of macroand microstructures of intense convective clouds with a spectral bin microphysics model
  • Hongbin Li, Yuke He, Fansheng Zhao, Wenyao Pu: Applications of Doppler Radar Characteristic Parameters in Artificial Hail Suppression Decision Making
  • Junxia Li, Peiren Li, Yue Tao, Lijun Jin, Gang Ren: Contrast and Analysis of Numerical Simulation Results with the Airborne Detection Data of Precipitation Clouds
  • Sutrisno, Tri Handoko Seto, Samsul Bahri, Tukiyat, Heru Widodo, Sunu Tikno, Budi Harsoyo, Djazim Syaifullah, Halda Aditya, Mimin Karmini and Krisna Aditya, Dini Harsanti: Weather Modification Program using Powder at West Java, Indonesia
  • Sarah A. Tessendorf, Roelof Bruintjes, Courtney Weeks, James W. Wilson, Charles A. Knight, Rita D. Roberts, Michael Dixon, Matt Pocernich, Peter R. Buseck, Evelyn Freney, and Duncan Axisa: A synthesis of physical and statistical analyses from the Queensland Cloud Seeding Research Program
  • M.T. Abshaev, A.M. Abshaev, B.K. Kuznecov, A.F. Kotelevich, T.H. Guzoev, N. Balakova, H.H. Chochaev, B.V. Yakushkin, R.N. Ponomarenko, V.S. Trifonov: New advances in automation of antihail rocket technology
  • Mladjen Ćurić and Dejan Janc: Estimation of the deposited silveriodide in the Hail Suppression Project in Serbia
  • Viktor Makitov: Integral radar parameters of hailstorms used on hail suppression projects.
  • Prapaporn Srisathidtham and Wassana Wongrat: Cloud Seeding Techniques in Eastern Region of Thailand
  • Yuzhong Wu, Yue Chen, Xingen Wang, Wei Xue and Donglei Qiu: Research and Test of Hygroscopic Flare
  • Guangxue Chen, Yuzhong Wu, Yimin Chen: Development of rocket technology for weather modification in China
  • Kianoush Keshavarzian: Assessment of cloud seeding projects using a combination of MAX and SRI radar images
  • Vlado Spiridonov and ladjen Curic: A sensitivity study of the hailstorm seeding
  • M.T. Abshaev, A.M. Abshaev and A.M. Malkarova: Estimation of antihail projects efficiency considering the tendency of hail climatology change
  • Ružica Đurić: Efficiency of hail suppression based on radar data analysis
  • S.G. Filippov: Estimation of orographic precipitation in the zone of spreading of the river flow in Uzbekistan
  • Guanghe Wang, Aili Shi, Kai Bi: Indepth analysis on atmospheric visibility in Shanghai Pudong 2009
  • Daniel Breed: Design and preliminary results of the Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program Randomized Seeding Experiment
  • Jing Duan,Yong Chen, Xueliang Guo: Study on aerosol and CCN vertical distribution and their relationship in North China
  • Yuzhong Wu, Guangxue Chen, Dansong Li: A New Design of Rainfallenhancement and Hailsuppression Rocket
  • Zhanyu Yao, Ling Hou: Weekly Circulation Characteristics of Aerosol and Precipitation and the Possible Influencing Mechanism Analysis in Beijing and Surrounding Areas
  • Niu ShuZhen, Bao XiangDong, Xi ShiPing, Yang Min: Analysis Application of Satellite Nephogram and CINRADAR Products in the Precipitation Enhancement Processes
  • Roland List: Do no harm geoengineering of climate and hurricanes
  • Zawiah Mohd Taib: Weather modification in Malaysia
  • M.V. Belyaeva, A.S. Drofa, V.N. Ivanov: Efficiency of Precipitation Enhancement from Convective Clouds at Salt Powder Modification
  • Budi Harsoyo, Nora H.Pandjaitan, Dwi Putro Tejo Baskoro: Analysis of Water Balance and Aridity Index to Detect the Effect of Global Warming in Catchment and Irrigation Area of Jatiluhur Dam
  • Ruijun Jin, Wan Wang, Wei Song, Zhaoyu Wang: Tianjin Precipitation Feature and Analysis of Weather Modification Influence
  • B.Sh. Kadyrov, V.P. Kurbatkin, V.F. Ushintseva: Demands of users in additional precipitation in Uzbekistan in the limits of their possible supply
  • Daniel Rosenfeld, Xing Yu, Guihua Liu, Xiaohong Xu, Yannian Zhu, Zhiguo Yue, Jin Dai, Zipeng Dong, Yan Dong, Yan Peng: Glaciation activity of desert dust, air pollution and smoke from forest fires in convective clouds
  • Tri Handoko Seto, Samsul Bahri, Heru Widodo, Erwin Mulyana, Budi Harsoyo and Mimin Karmini: Weather Modification for Rain Reduction A Conceptual Design
  • Stephen Beare, Ray Chambers, Scott Peak: Uncertainty and the Economic Implications of Weather Modification Integrating Hypothesis Testing into BenefitCost Analysis
  • Qian Gao, Guanghe Wang, Yueqin Shi: Numerical Simulation and Seeding Tests on the Stratiform Precipitation in North China
  • B.P. Koloskov, V.P. Korneev, A.V. Kleimenova, B.N. Sergeev, A.V. Shapovalov: Numerical simulation of seeding material dispersion by groundbased Agl generators in mountainous terrain
  • Lixin Shi, Xiaobo Dong, Feng Lu and Xiangfeng Hu: Observations of Haze Aerosols over North China During Autumn 2009
  • Yuwen Sun, Wei Liu, Zhijun Zhao, Anying Shi, Yan Jiang: Hail types and Distribution of Related Factors
  • Dianli Gong and Shijun Liu: The Numerical Analysis About Water Vapor Budget and Precipitation Efficiency During JulyOctober, 2003 in Shandong Province in China
  • M.V. Belyaeva, A.S. Drofa, V.N. Ivanov, Ridwan, M. Kudsy, U. Haryanto and R.D. Goenawan: Efficiency of Precipitation Enhancement from Convective Clouds at Salt Powder Modification
  • Rifeng Sheng, Zhanshan Ma, Jun Wang, Hongsheng Zhang and Peng Jiang: An analysis of a heavy snow occurred in Shandong Province of China in 2009
  • Ruibo Zhang and Lijun Liu: Evaluation of Weather Modification by Aircraft by the Use of CINDAR
  • Jinhua Wang, Ziping Yu and Yumei Zhai: An Advanced Digital Rocket System for Precipitation enhancement and Hail Suppression Programs
  • Zhen Zhao and HengChi Lei: Numerical Simulation of Seeding ExtraArea Effects of Precipitation Using MM5
  • O.I. Drivotin, A.S. Drofa, A.V. Savchenko, A.G. Shilin, V.A. Shilin: Numerical Simulation of Heteorogeneous Pyrotechnic Compounds Combustion Processes
  • Qiujuan Feng, Peiren Li, Tuanjie Hou: Observations of cloud condensation nuclei in certain regions of North China
  • Sohaila Javanmard, Samane Golestani, Javad BodaghJamali, Yusef A. Abedini: Investigating on Microphysical Clouds Parameters Using Satellite TRMMTMI
  • Xianghua Liao, Yuquan Zhou, Yuxue Tang, Like: Comprehensive Analysis of a Supercell Storm in Chongqing